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John Valeri’s Central Booking 

CLICK THE IMAGE TO HEAR Critically acclaimed authors Lucy Burdette (A SCONE OF CONTENTION) and Ang Pompano (DIET OF DEATH) talk to John B. Valeri about their new mysteries, their longtime friendship, and the benefits of their shared writers group.

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The Dark and Stormy Book Club

CLICK THE IMAGE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW of Agatha Nominees Ang Pompano and Shawn Reilly Simons

To Listen to

"The Bucket    List"

a short story by Ang Pompano read by actor Teya Juarez. 



CLICK THE IMAGE to read the cover story about Ang 

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What happens when an elderly woman decides to take a hit on her husband? Click the image to read "The Bucket List" for FREE in Kings River Life Magazine. It's not your ordinary list. 

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Some of my favorite blog posts and interviews


October 4  -      Killer Characters     Kaye George/Janet Cantrell

October 6  -      Mystery Lovers Kitchen 

October 8 -      Wickeds

Dru's Book Musings - Several Reviews and Articles on Dru Ann Love's Wonderful Blog 

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Art Taylor's The First Two Pages – Learn what I was thinking when I wrote the first 2 pages

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Writers Who Kill - What I have to say on the importance of Setting  

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Jungle Red Writers - I always have the best time when I'm on Jungle Red Writers! Read the articles

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